In The Parking Lot

I was in a parking lot and was excited to begin my canvass on a man who came out of a local pet store.  The man told me that he had to work his own way through school also and that nobody helped him with donations so he was not…


Waiting For The Bus

One early morning I was contemplating on whether to have a morning devotion or to sleep in.  After an internal struggle with myself, the Lord moved me to have my morning devotion.  I opened up Peace Above the Storm and read Psalms 28:13.  Later that same day I was walking…

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Stations in the provinces.

Gas Station Grace

I was at a gas station and I hadn't distributed a single book in two hours.  Through faith and prayer, I asked for the Lord to bring me to those who are seeking Him.  A taxi pulled up and it got my attention.  A woman who spoke Spanish was in…

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A closeup shot of praying old hands in black and white

The “Right” Books

I was discouraged after the many rejections of one long evening. I stopped on a stairway near my next door and asked God for guidance and purpose during His work. Two books came to mind instantly, The Desire of Ages and Steps to Christ, books I mostly show last in…


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