I was in a parking lot and was excited to begin my canvass on a man who came out of a local pet store.  The man told me that he had to work his own way through school also and that nobody helped him with donations so he was not going to help me.  He slammed his car door in my face and he drove off.  I was thinking to myself that he is just one of those people that are unhappy, who are seeking a better life.  So I kept on canvassing throughout the parking lot.  I received a few donations but I did not distribute any books.  I was about to walk to another vehicle when a truck pulled to a stop alongside me.  It was the same man that slammed the door in my face.  “I am sorry for being so rude to you” he explained.  “The Lord impressed me to give you a donation and yes, there were others that helped me through my schooling.”  He placed money into my hand and I was ecstatic as I counted his $100.00 donation.  I was so happy that I gave the man Great Controversy, Man of Peace, Peace above the Storm, Foods That Heal, and Plants That Heal.  I was uplifted that day because I was discouraged and the Lord had to show me that He is in control.


In The Parking Lot