I was at a gas station and I hadn’t distributed a single book in two hours.  Through faith and prayer, I asked for the Lord to bring me to those who are seeking Him.  A taxi pulled up and it got my attention.  A woman who spoke Spanish was in the back in despair not knowing what to say or do.  I translated for her and the taxi driver as she frantically looked for the ninety dollars she needed to pay for the taxi.  I noticed she didn’t have enough to pay so the last thing that came to my mind was to start my canvass.  I prayed with her and she then inquired on what I was doing out at the gas station.  I began my canvass and she fell in love with Peace above the Storm.  I gave it to her and she proceeded to say “I really don’t have any money.”  She opened up her wallet and to her surprise, she pulled out a $20.00 bill.  She handed it to me and said “Keep it, you have brought me hope and I know God is real now.”


Gas Station Grace